What is the legal status of electric scooters in the UK?

Electric scooters or e-scooters are an up-and-coming mode of transport; they are a practical, fun, fast and an eco-friendly type of transport to help you get around. One thing that also makes them a great choice of commute is that they are easy to use, they are lightweight and compact – making them portable and easy to carry anywhere with you. They are also easy to fold and pack up easily, this makes them ideal for long distance commutes. But there’s a lot of uncertainty around when and where they can legally be used.

Yes, electric scooters are illegal in the UK. However, there are lots of restrictions surrounding where they can be used. Privately owned e-scooters are illegal to ride in the UK anywhere other than private land. It’s illegal to use them on public roads, in cycle lanes, in pedestrian-only areas and on pavements. The reason for this is that e-scooters are currently being classed as ‘powered transporters’ or Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PLEVs) so treated the same as motor vehicles with the same legal requirements and they fall under the same laws and regulations. This makes their use in cycle lanes, on pavements, and in pedestrian-only areas illegal and use on public roads would only be legal if electric scooters could meet the same requirements as motor vehicles – which they cannot (e.g. in terms of insurance, tax, license, registration).

If you were to use a hired e-scooter outside of any of the legal areas you could and will be fined. You are liable for a £300 fixed penalty notice, and if you have a license, you could lose six points from your driver’s license. Likewise, if you use a privately-owned e-scooter on any public road, cycle lane or pavement.  As of July 4th 2020, it is legal to hire and ride E-scooters in the UK; provided you abide by the terms of the rental agreement and ride (stay) in the areas designated as legal to ride your scooter.

If E-scooter laws change, what can we expect them to be?

Based on the current rules, regulations and laws from other countries we expect the rules of ‘legal’ e-scooters to be similar to the following-

  • Riders to be aged 16 / 18+
  • Designed to carry no more than one person
  • Has a mass not exceeding 55kg
  • Has a maximum speed not exceeding 15.5mph
  • No helmet wearing law (but strongly recommended)
  • Fitted with no motor other than an electric motor with a maximum continuous power rating of 500W
  • Front and rear lights and side reflectors as part of the design
  • Riders to share the same road space as bikes and EAPCs (Electrically
  • Assisted Pedal Cycles) – Meaning roads, cycle lanes, tracks but not on pavements

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