Bestselling electric scooters


Electric Scooters

Kugoo Kirin S1

£315.00 £260.00

Electric Scooters

Zero 9 E


Electric Scooters

T0 Pro


Electric Scooters

Kugoo Kirin S1 Pro

£325.00 £299.00

Helping millions of people to commute in a new innovative way. Say goodbye totraffic, delays, and uncertainty.

Don’t “Pollute” choose “GottaScoot” for your Electric Kickstart Scooter requirements.

Electric Scooters

Best ally for your safety, protection with style during your ride.You can fold it in a snap and it can fit in your bag.

Customise your hat by adding the removable Plixi fit umbrella for protection from rain or the visor for those sunny days.

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  • Foldable Electric KickScooter

  • 22 km Range (13.7 miles)

  • 20 km/h Maximum Speed (12.4 mph)

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