Best electric scooter 2021: top e-scooters for kids

Ride into the New Year with the best kids electric scooter. Electric scooters have become quite a popular type of commute. They are a practical, fun, fast and an eco-friendly type of transport to help you get around. They are easy to use, they are compact and lightweight making them portable and easy to carry anywhere with you. They are also very ideal for long distance commutes. They also save you a lot of time and help you avoid traffic. They are considered to be quite practical since they fold and pack up easily.

An electric scooter is just like a bicycle but instead it operates on electrical energy, making it easy for people of all ages.  At Gottascoot we offer a wide range of adult electric scooters from brands such as: Segway, Xiaomi, E-Twow, kugoo kirin, etc.To read more about what Gottascoot offers, click here.

Here are the best electric scooters for kids in the UK:

This e-scooter is best for children between 6 and 12 years old. It is available in Pink and Blue. It is easy to ride safely with three riding modes, three independent brakes, with a low center of gravity and good thermo plastic rubber grip for stability. 

  • 3 Speed Mode : Safe / Cruise / Turbo
  • Mileage: 6 miles
  • Speed: 8mph
  • Max Load: 50kg
  • Battery Capacity: 55wh (2550mAh)
  • Motor Rated Power : 200W
  • Charging Time: 4 hours

  • Razor Power Core E90

This e-scooter is designed for kids aged 8 or above. It is maintenance free with no chains so essentially very simple design. It is also of the lightest models with a maximum weight of 22 pounds. The Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter has the essence of a kick scooter but is actually an electric one. Since it is so light, kids under the age of 8 can ride it too without needing training wheels.

  • Max Speed: 10 mph
  • Max Range: 13 Miles
  • Weight Capacity: 120 lbs
  • Alloy Steel Frame

  • Razor E300 

E300 is one of the best electric scooters in town. It is suitable for older kids and teenagers. This product is awesome due to its features like the retractable kickstand and the hand brake. It is a chain-driven motor scooter which gives enough power to go over a speed of 15 mph making it a good enough for every day small trips. The pneumatic front and back tires are quite big so you get smooth ride over rough surfaces as well.

  • Max Speed: 15 mph
  • Max Range: 9-10 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs
  • All-Steel Frame and Fork
  • Larger Front Tire


We can’t let the kids have all the fun. There is a wide range of e-Scooters for adults. Here are just some of the best adult scooters in the UK:

The Decent X7 is an inexpensive scooter. This model does not fold like other scooters. One of the better features on this scooter is the battery placement. It is in the neck of the scooter which makes it quite convenient and easily swappable if needed. Due to the position of the battery, water damage is preventable should you ever get caught in the rain.


  • Maximum Range: 15.5 miles
  • Maximum Speed: 15.5mph
  • Weight : 13kg
  • Motor: 350w front hub
  • Battery Capacity : 36v 187.2Wh
  • Charge Time: 2-3 hours
  • Maximum Load: 100kg




The Mi S1 is sleek and elegant, portable with a minimalist design and using aircraft-grade aluminium alloy for the main body. This takes only 3 seconds to fold and go. With sophisticated cruise control and kinetic energy recovery system (KERS), the KERS recovers a moving vehicle’s kinetic energy under braking for a longer duration. The cruise control system helps maintain a steady speed set by the driver to relieve you from constant pressure and tension.

  • Max Speed : 15.5 mph
  • Speed Modes : 3 modes incl. Sport mode and cruise control
  • Max Rider Weight : 100kg
  • Battery : 275Wh
  • Power Output : 250W
  • Range : 18 miles
  • LED Display : Speed, Battery and Drive Mode
  • App Monitor with wireless bluetooth connection
  • Charging time : 5.5 Hours


This is one of the best scooters you will find today. This model has impeccable performance making it perfect for everyday use. This model is designed for everyone who wants an easy to use and lightweight scooter. It can be folded in only 3 seconds; it takes up less space so you can store it basically anywhere. It’s compact which makes it easier to carry anywhere with you.

  • Max Speed: 12.5 mph
  • Net Weight: 12 kg
  • Max Rider Weight : 100kg
  • Battery: 183Wh
  • Power Output: 250W
  • Range: 12 miles
  • App Monitor with wireless Bluetooth connection
  • Charging time: 3.5 Hours


This scooter is mostly known for its distinctive features such as its fast 3 point folding system and offers unparalleled flexibility. It also has a full color display on which you can view all of the important functions of the scooter such us: Battery percent, temperature, speed, lifetime distance, etc.

  • Max Speed: 20mph
  • Motor Power: 500W
  • Charging Time: 3 hours
  • Battery Capacity: 36v 8.6Ah
  • Max Distance: 16 miles
  • Product Weight: 10.8kg


This scooter is a great choice for style, comfort and utility. It has higher speeds than most scooters and has longer range. It has a one-push folding system and be easily and quickly stored wherever. As previously mentioned, it is perfect for someone with great style since it is equipped with ambient lighting under the foot pad that can be matched to your mood and style.

  • Max speed: 15.5 mph
  • Net weight: 14.3 kg
  • Battery: 215Wh
  • Range: 15 miles
  • Power output: 300W
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Charging time: 4 hours


Do not forget your safety! Riding on your scooter through busy streets does bring some risks especially if you don’t wear safety gear on you. Here are a few essential safety accessories you need to have on you at all times when cruising on your e-scooter. 

The Overade Plixi Fit Folding Helmet

This helmet is considered to be the best scooter helmet on the market! It is designed to give you style, comfort and most importantly – safety and protection! The Overade Plixi Fit Helmet can be folded and easily stored in small places such as your bag, making it easy to carry anywhere with you.



BLINXI is a helmet indicator light rear warning and right and left turn signals. This added accessory will help you to be seen by other driver especially at night.


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