Things To Consider When Buying An Electric Scooter

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Many things should be taken into consideration before buying an electric scooter. While they may look cool and are fun to have, be certain that what you buy is going to serve its purpose, satisfy your needs and has maximum performance.

Here are just some things you might want to consider before buying an electric scooter:

1. Size and weight limit of E- scooter

One of the most important things to lookout for before buying an electric scooter is the size. The scooter must be able to support the weight it carries, so do not exceed the weight limit of the scooter. Be sure to have in mind the weight of the scooter itself, since it is most likely that you will be carrying your scooter when not driven, it should not be too bulky or too heavy so you can comfortably fold and carry it with you.

2. Performance

Always be sure to buy an electric scooter that has a good quality battery. Always check battery power and how fast it charges. With time, battery life will reduce, which is quite normal since it will need more charging as time goes on. Aside from battery charge time, make sure to always check the running time as well to ensure that the battery power hasn’t weakened. Every scooter has a maximum speed limit that should not be exceeded. An E-Scooter provides speeds from 8mph to 50mph.

From slow to fast electric scooters, Here is a guide on how to choose a scooter that is appropriate for every age:

  • Beginners/ children- 8mph
  • Teenagers/more experienced kids- 10-15mph
  • Adults – 15-20mph
  • For adults who travel great distances – 20-50mph


3. Cost

Always be sure to buy a scooter that has all your preferences and meets all your expectations but is also within your budget. Buying an electric scooter is an investment, so choose wisely. Gottascoot offers the best and affordable electric scooters in the UK. High quality scooters with prices that are perfect for any budget. To have a look at our newest and bestselling electric scooters, click on the this link: 


4. Terrain

You should consider when buying a scooter whether or not the scooter is suitable for the terrain you cycle through regularly. For instance, if you ride longer distances it’s best you buy a scooter that has more battery power. Keep in mind that small wheeled scooters are not suitable for rough terrains and if riding through rough and bumpy terrain you might end up damaging the under pans of your scooter. So be sure that your scooter serves the purpose well.


5. Safety

Whenever buying an electric scooter, safety should always be your number one priority. Some of the safety features of any electric scooter that should always be in top condition and checked regularly are: Brakes, lights and protective gear. Electric scooters can be quite fast so it is important that your stopping power is quite fast as well to avoid any accidents. Lights are also quite important when riding in the dark. They allow you to be seen by other drivers thus avoiding any incidents that may happen on the road. Protective gear should be worn at all times while riding your electric scooter. Your gear when fitted properly, will protect you from any injuries that you may endure if an accident were to happen. Gottascoot offers high quality protective equipment. To check it out head on over to our website by clicking on the link below:



Hopefully these tips and suggestions will help you to make a thoughtful decision when purchasing your new electric scooters. For more information or any inquiries you may have please do not hesitate to contact us. You can do so by simply clicking on the link below:


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