Top 7 Electric Scooter Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Overade Visor

Electric scooters have skyrocketed in popularity in the last couple of years. Now even though scooters are fun to ride they also might pose a threat to their users if not taken the precautionary safety measures that every user must know before hopping onto their scooter and going on the road.

Follow these tips below and you can ride safely and reach your destination without any incident.

01. Overade Plixi Fit Folding Helmet

One of the first safety measures to consider is to wear standard security equipment. Even though for the most part electric scooters are protected it is worth it to be ready. One of the most important safety equipment to wear is a helmet to keep your head protected in case of an accident. The Overade Plixi Fit Folding Helmet is designed to offer you maximum safety and comfortability you need while being out on the road. Always choose a helmet that fits snugly onto your head.

02. Helmet Indicator Light Blinxi

Blinxi Is a helmet indicator light, rear warning and right and left turn signals which fits all the urban E-scooter helmets. The helmet indicator lights are controlled through a small wireless remote that you clip onto the handlebar, thus making your rides a whole lot safer. Blinxi is a must-have enhanced safety feature for any electric scooter rider.

03. Plixi FIT Visor

Along with this protective gear, Another great accessory to add to your helmet for extra safety is a visor. The Plixi FIT Visor gives you much extra needed protection from the sun as it blocks UV radiations, keeping your eyes clear of sunlight but it will also protect you from the rain. While keeping yourself protected it is also very important to know the state in which your scooter is. Before stepping onboard your electric scooter, be sure to always do a visual inspection. Carefully look for any signs of damage or unusual wear.

  • Make sure the tyres are in good condition and are not punctured or damaged in any way.
  • Lights are working.
  • The battery is fully charged.
  • Be sure to test the brakes and your throttle.

If any issues are detected you should always contact the customer service of the company from which you purchased your scooter.

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