Why Is It Important To Purchase Electric Scooter Accessories?

Overade Safety Hat

Today, the mostly used type of transport is electric scooters. Electric scooters are an efficient and quick way to get around by taking shortcuts to avoid traffic. They are easy to use, compact, lightweight and portable which makes them easy to carry.

An electric scooter operates on electrical energy and making it easy to ride for people of all ages. It is a safe type of transport but it is also very important to have the needed accessories to enhance your safety while on the road.

One of the first and most important accessories an electric scooter rider should have is a good quality helmet. By wearing a helmet, you immediately reduce the chance of any head injuries that may occur if an accident was a happen. We here at GottaScoot offer exactly what you need. One of the best options to choose from is Plixi FIT. With lockable dividers and it’s especially design adjustable fear system, it will give you maximum comfort. It also has 14 vents which offer a great amount of airflow across the head. On arrival, you fold it in a snap. Its volume divided by 3, then it naturally finds its place in your bag. Head on over to our accessories to check out further specifications about our product.

Plixi Fit Helmets

Another amazing electric scooter accessory you should purchase is the Overade Plixi Fit Waterproof Umbrella that is a perfect match for your Plixi FIT scooter helmet. It is removable, easy to hang and most importantly it protects you from the rain. And what’s also fun is that you can accessorise your helmet with your waterproof umbrella.

Here are just some of the specifications of this product:

  • It is removable. it can be Attached and detached in just seconds.
  • It can be installed in seconds.
  • Can remain on your PLIXI FIT helmet even when folded.
  • It comes in two sizes: S-M and L-XL

To read more about the Overade Plixi FIT Waterproof Umbrella and also colour options on link below

Overade Waterproof umbrella

Another awesome and ideal accessory to personalise your Plixi FIT set is the Overade Plixi FIT Visor.

It’s best to protect you from the rain and the sun and it also gives you an extra touch of style and it will match perfectly with your Overade Plixi FIT helmet and waterproof umbrella.

To see more about this product

Plixi Fit Visor

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